12 Days Rwenzori (Kilembe) and  Chimpanzees Tracking Tour

12 days Rwenzori Kilembe Trek and Chimpanzee tracking starts with chimpanzee tracking in Kibale forest and National park , then Rwenzori trekking along the Kilembe trail  route

Day 1: Kampala to Kibale National Park (Kibale forest camp)

You will be picked by a company representative, who will transfer you from Entebbe/Kampala at around 8:00am to Kibale National Park. Enroute, you will have lunch as the journey will take around 5-6 hours with a lunch stopover along the way, reaching in the late afternoon to check in Kibale Forest camp. Dinner and overnight at the camp

Day 2: Chimp tracking

Rise up very early in the morning for breakfast, then proceed to Kanyanchu headquarters for briefing about the Chimpanzee tracking regulations that must be adhered when trekking, while in their presence, until when you return to the headquarters to receive your certificate for successfully tracking chimpanzees in their natural habitat.

Unlike gorillas, chimpanzees are mobile, and keep moving around the forest, jumping from one tree to another as they go about their daily schedules.  Tracking ,may take about about 2-4 minutes,, where you might as well spot other primates that live in the forest like many  bird species like the great blue turaco. After the certificate award, return to the camp lunch.Afrt lunch, head for a bigodi swamp walk, where you expect to spot more primates and a number of bird species

Dinner and overnight at the lodge.

Day 3: Transfer to Kilembe

At your hotel, you have breakfast at leisure , then meet your guide for a transfer to Kasese district at the foothills of Mountain Rwenzori. Continue further to Kilembe for registeration with the Rwenzori trekking head offices. Proceed to your hotel  for lunch, dinner, and an overnight rest.

Day 4 Kilembe to Sine camp to Kalalama (3147m)

Following your breakfast, you will walk through the tall forest trees of the forest Zone, which offers impressive encounters of colobus monkeys, blue monkeys and L’Hoest Monkeys, as well as a number of bird species including Ruwenzori Turaco. Thereafter, you will proceed to Sine camp for a short lunch break. Proceed then with your trek to Kalama Camp at 3147m for dinner,  briefing for the following day and an overnight sleep.

Day 5 Kalalama Camp (3.147m) to Mutinda Camp (3.688 m)

Wake up for breakfast, at 7:00am, then set off for your trek at 9:00am, passing through the Bamboo-mimulopsis Zone consisting of steep climb with a lot of high steps, reaching the breaking point where you will enjoy lunch break. You will then proceed along the heather zone, and trek through many streams, waterfalls and the typical green moss vegetation. You will also trek through the Giant heather trees, and access Mutinda camp at 3.688m,  whose name is from the Mutinda Peaks

At this point, you will proceed upwards reaching Mutinda Lookout, at 3.925m which is a 1 hour and 30 minutes’ walk , including a 60 mins descent to the camp. Later on arrive the camp for dinner and an overnight.

Day 6 Mutinda Camp to Bugata Camp (4.062 m)

Leave for your trek to Bugata camp at 9:00am, instantly after breakfast early in the morning. You will walk through the boggy terrain comprising of very wet vegetation and tussocks, after which you will enter the Alpine Vegetation Zone which comprises of giant lobelia, the groundsel and the everlasting flowers while crossing the Mutinda Valley. From here, climb up the Namusangi Valley steep section, traversing through many bogs as you hike up to Bugata Camp at 3.062m where you will have your dinner and an overnight.

In the camp, you will enjoy impressive views of the Weisman’s Peak of Mount Luigi de Savoia, that is mostly sheltered by the snow. The walk passes through Lake Kitandara that extends up to the Democratic republic of Congo, and also enjoy stunning views of the nine lakes down the valley and the Lake Nusurange  on the Rocks Plozza Rock.

Bugata Camp feature facilities including solar lights, eco-toilets and bathroom. Have dinner, get briefed about next day hike, after which you can sleep overnight.

Day 7 Bugata to Hanwick’s Camp (3.974 m)

Have breakfast and proceed with your trek to Hunwick’s Camp. You will walk along the steep slopes, as you pass through many bogs to Bamwanjara pass at 4.405n.

You will enjoy the scenic views of the snow caped peaks, as you proceed to rest under a small shelter for a short break. This Trek passes through the lower and Upper Kachope lakes as well as McConnell’s Prong which is often muddy and steep. Reach Hunwick’s camp in the late evening for dinner and an overnight.

Day 8 Hunwick’s Camp to Magheritah Camp

Fater breakfast, trek  along the ridge, passing several wet areas and small rivers that flow from both Mount Baker and the fresh fields pass. Hike up the Scott Elliott Pass is interesting as you will climb up Mt Stanley to Margherita Camp at 4,485 meters, beneath Elena Hut of the Rwenzori mountaineering services.

The camp is covered with a ring of rocks, and is believed to have been used by an Italian Prince Luigi Amadeo di Savoia, and  Duke of the Abruzzi. It is from here that glimpse impressive views of Mt Baker, Scott Elliot Pass and a few of the high glaciers on Mt Stanley.

Arrive late in the evening for dinner and prepare for the following days activity and an overnight stay in at the camp.

Day 9 Magheritah Camp to the Summit.

7 days Kilembe rwenzori trek costRise up as early as 2:00pm, for your morning breakfast, thereafter set off for the for the most challenging trek to the summit of Magherita which starts at 3:00am. The main aim of trekking Magherita peak of Mount Stanley is mainly aimed at reaching the glaciers before sunrise since the heat from the sun causes the glaciers to melt, which makes the trail impassable.

Hiking through the steep heights to Magheritah peak requires enough strength, while you proceed with your hike over the glaciers. Then climb to an open part of the rock, which is bolted and roped, to get on the path running up to the Margherita Peak at 5.109m.

You will enjoy beautiful scenes of the country at large, as you are now at the highest point of the country. Lunch will be served at the peak, as you celebrate your victory, thereafter you will descend to hunwick’s camp for dinner and an overnight rest.

Day 10 Magheritah Camp to Kiharo camp

Wake up early for breakfast, then climb up the bridge  towards McConnell’s Prong, where you will enjoy the magnificent views of the three peaks; Mount Stanley, mount Baker and Speke as well as  the scott eliot pass before reaching Oliver’s pass at 4,505m. The total stretch between Hunwick’s Camp and Oliver’s pass is 3km. and cuts between waiseman’s peak to the junction of the Nyamwamba River which flows below through Kilembe and Kasese to Lake George in Queen Elizabeth national park.

The Junction then bends down the valley to Kiharo camp, which is set in a deep valley with high cliffs and thick vegetation. Dinner and overnight stay at the camp.

Day 11 From Kiharo Camp to the base

In the morning, you will leave Kiharo camp, and turn right along the river. You will see Duikers as you pass along the river, and continue downwards the river itself jumping across the rocks as you pass down.

The trails become steep with multitudes of waterfalls after a few kilometers down the river, which is why you will have to move away from the river and follow a narrow ridge to bypass steep sections.

Head on through the river to a huge rock shelter, where you will rest for a lunch break, after which, you will cross a small stream as you climb up gentle slopes before turning sloping down to the river to avoid another set of waterfalls which are impassable. The forest along this section is protects many birds species, primates, duikers and hyrax among others.  This last day offers great experience and ending with great trek.


Day 12:Depart for Kampala

You will depart for Kampala on this day, with en-route stopovers for lunch in Mbarara and at the equator for photography.  Reach Kampala or Entebbe International Airport in the afternoon for your flight back home.