Successful Rwenzori Hike

Successful Rwenzori Hike: How to Prepare for A successful Rwenzori hike?

Successful Rwenzori Hike: Ho To Prepare for A successful Rwenzori Trek?Although the success rate of summiting the Rwenzori mountains is almost 99% to reach any peak, including the renown Margherita peak (also know as  Africa’s 3rd highest), Rwenzori Mountains National Park, requires a fool proof plan for a successful climb.

Any mountaineer who wants to attempt the Rwenzori Mountains, must prepare early physically, emotionally and mentally  for a successful summit achievement. Below are the important things you need to successfully Rwenzori hike;

Choose the best time to climb Rwenzori Mountains

Although Rwenzori Mountain trekking is an all year round activity,  the trails becomes muddy, wet and slippery during the rainy season of March, Aprill, May, November and early December. However, Rwenzori is best climbed during the dry months of January, February, June and October, which altogether form thebest time to climb or go trekking the Rwenzori Mountains.

Choose the right route for climbing the Rwenzori Mountains

Since there are only two major Rwenzori routes/trails ( the central circuit trail and the Kilembe trail), famous all over the globe for climbing the Rwenzori mountains to access Africa’s 3rd highest peak-Margherita   and other snow peaks of Mount baker, Mount Speke and Weismann peak.

Successful Rwenzori Hike

It is important to note that, although the Rwenzori mountains can be climbed in 5 days by a few experts, we recommend  that you can have a a minimum of 7 days/6 nights on the mountain. We have also found out that the best route to climb up the Rwenzori mountains  is using the Central circuit route over the 7 days trek. It is the only route  whose success rate to reach the peak is 99.5 % safe, successful and have the best experience possible at the Rwenzori  Hiking Trails, as well as good for acclimatization.

Proper Training

Although thousands of mountaineers have made it to Margherita Peak of the Rwenzori Mountains, without training,, that does not mean you don’t need any training.

Although the Rwenzori Mountains, is 1 out of the 7 peaks that can easily be accessible  even without training,  for the betterment of your body, you have to physically train yourself to fully enjoy your Rwenzori Mountains hike. This training  must be done for at least 3 months, prior to the start date.

On the other hand, since you will be carrying your own backpack, then you should build up by learning how to carry about7-10 kgs  in a back pack on your back, while in order to conquer the summitting day, you must take along day training going way up and down the hill, with the same amount of weight on your back.

Pack the right gear

Packing the right gear for your Rwenzori mountains trek is the most important part of your trek for a successful climb.

These essentials include a pair of waterproof boots and socks that will keep you warmer during your Rwenzori mountain hike. While gloves, neck scarfs and many more will help keep tour fingers and necks warmer. Therefore make sure you bring extra warm gear to keep yourself from getting cold, not forgetting carry sunscreen, sunglasses, hats for sun protection.

Trek at your own pace

Depending on how many days it will take you to climb the Rwenzori mountains and the choice of the route, you shouldn’t rush, but instead climb at your own pace, where you can easily sustain a conversation with the rest of the group, as well as taking frequent breaks/rest, so that the body can get familiar with lack of oxygen.

trek at your own pace

When hiking the Rwenzori mountains, the success rate gradually increases depending on the number of days you will be hiking along the trails, say those with more days from 7 have the highest success rate to climb.

Hydrate frequently

Drink more water in the altitude, more than you do at home, because our bodies dehydrate faster while trekking. Taking on a daily routine of drinking at least 5 litres of water each day, will combat high altitude sickness, thus making you feel good until the end of the trip .

However, you should also drink at least 1 litre, before your trek begins every morning to replenish your body fluid level, so as to achieve success in your body.

Reward yourself with a descent food, climb and sleep

As you change your environment, you will find yourself following a daily eating schedule and the diet.  Climbing the Rwenzori Mountains requires enough energy and frequent hydration and a good night sleep. This all leads to more consumption of energy giving foods, and fruits, eating early in the morning, mid morning at every break point, Lunch and dinner.

eat well

While getting a good night rest  is highly recommended while on the mountains, but it is much easier said than done. Withing the cold Rwenzori mountains National park,  the body starts adjusting to the climate at high altitude, and most often you will lack sleep, but sleep gradually improves with time, as your body adjusts.

on the mountain, but easier said than done. As your body is adjusting to the climate at high altitude, you may find yourself waking up often throughout the night. You may also face a lack of sleep.

On the first few nights, you will find these types of situations. It will be a good sign that your sleep quality improves as time passes.

Have a positive attitude

Climbing the Rwenzori mountains with a positive attitude and believing in yourself, will push you further even when fatigue and doubts arise. Like it is said “A thousand miles begins with a single step” therefore taking a one step a time, knowing that you will take the next one, gives you the courage to finish this whole Rwenzori trekking safari.

However, in the end, only a single mindset can change your whole life story of either achieving your dream, otherwise, you let it slip out of your hands.

Choose a good tour operator

Many companies offer Rwenzori mountains trekking safaris along the major trails of; the old traditional central circuit which is managed by the Rwenzori mountaineering services and the alternative Kilembe trail that is managed by the Rwenzori Trekking Services, but the question remains: ”with whom are we safe?”. Yes! It is very important to carefully choose your Rwenzori mountains trekking/climbing trust worthy operator for a safe and comfortable hike

Therefore Rwenzori Mountaineering service under the Active African Vacations LTD understands how to intensify your chances of successfully and safely reaching the Margherita peak.

Climbing the Rwenzori Mountains, is not technical, but simply a trek that can be done, although quite challenging. Keeping the above tips in your mind, will help you achieve your dream of reaching the Margherita peak.

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