5 days Rwenzori Trekking To Weismann Peak(at 4500m)

5 days Weismann Peak Via Central Circuit: Rwenzori Mountains National Park offers 5 days trekking to the peak of Weismann via the central ciruit route of the Rwenzori Mountains

Climbing to the top of Weismann Peak Via Kilembe Trail

Explore our mesmerizing 5-day trek through the stunning Rwenzori Mountains, crowned by the awe-inspiring Weismans Peak. This 5 days Rwenzori trekking to Weismann peak (at  4500m) journey isn’t just about conquering heights; it’s a magical immersion into the diverse beauty of this enchanting region. Picture yourself navigating lush bamboo forests, traversing moss-covered rocks, and crossing pristine lakes, all while encountering playful colobus monkeys and the vibrant Rwenzori Turaco birds. Each step unfolds a new chapter in this natural odyssey, culminating in a triumphant summit of Weismans Peak at 4500m. As the sun sets against the backdrop of Mount Stanley and Baker, relish the warmth of campfires and tales shared under the star-studded Rwenzori sky. This expedition promises not just an adventure but a soul-stirring experience in nature’s grand amphitheater.

Detailed Itinerary For 5 Days  Weismann Peak Rwenzori Mountains Trek

Day 1: Nyakalengija (1650) to Nyabitaba camp (2650m)

Start the day by approaching the Rwenzori mountaineering reservation officer early in the morning in order to hire equipment if so and arrange for guides,chef and porters at once hiking starts from the park gates to Nyabitaba a distance of 7km takes 5-6 hours and an ascent of 1200 meters .

5 days rwenzori trekking to weismann peak central circuit trail route

The trail at the beginning goes through homes and fields progressing through high elephant grasses and dense bush. You will climb over cliffs and bluffs crossing river Mahoma then ascending steeply into Nyabitaba camp. Certain animals can be spotted such as the white and black colobus monkeys,three horned chameleon and the Rwenzori Turaco birds.

Stay an overnight at the Nyabitaba camp.

Day 2: Nyabitaba (2650)m to Guyeoman camp (3505)m

From Nyabitaba you descend to your left follow the trail that drops down through the forest for a half an hour to the kichuchu  bridge,

The walk is then easy going for a couple of hours passing through the bamboo forest and then becomes more difficult kind of like spelunking, traverse through a long and exhausting stretch of slippery moss-covered rocks. From the kichuch rock shelter, portal peaks can be seen before passing into the zone of the giant Heather , lobelia and groundsel. Finally reach Guyeoman camp after passing through the tiring bog. While here ,high chances of catching the nice views of mount Baker are at high chances.

Dinner and overnight at the hut.


Day 3: Guyeoman camp (3505)m to kitandara lakes camp (4023)m

From Guyeoman camp the trail drops down to cross the mubuku river and enters lower bujongolo rock shelter the home of Italians who did an expedition in 1906, after short rest thr trails ascends you steeply jumping from tussock to tussock,the bog is finally crossed but rarely without the feet sampling some of the freezing ooze, continuing on to the upper freshfield pass you will follow the trail  that ascends you down to kitandara lakes camp with beautiful views of Congolese homesteads, twin lakes of kitandara, mount Stanley,Mount baker and weismans peaks.

Dinner and an overnight


Day 4: kitandara lakes camp (4023)m summit weismans (4500m) peak and return back to freshfield pass (camping wilderness (4011)m For dinner and an over night

Leaving kitandara, the trail takes you through more bog,while climbing up the steep slopes south of the lake and through the magical groundsel gully up to bare rocks of weismann. After summiting return back to freshfield (wilderness camping)dinner and an over night.


Day 5: Freshfield pass camping wilderness 4011m to Guyeoman 3505m – Nyabitaba and nyakalengija

The descend to  takes Guy Yeoman Nyabitaba  – nyakalengija around 7-8 hours but with an early start and it’s possible to make it all the way down to nyakalengija.

Below Guy Yeoman,the route descends the cliffs of kichuchu and takes you through the bamboo forest zones down to Nyabitaba for either dinner and an over night or lunch and continue down to Nyakalengija for hot showers.


End of the tour.

Price includes

Park entances



Accomodation and meals

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Visa ,tickets , tips and facilitations


Transfer from Kampala to Kasese can be organized its $650 both ways and this will be shared by the of you.

For Accomodation on the day of arrival and last day we can also help you book these.