Accommodations around Rwenzori Mountains National Park

There are a number of accommodations facilities that cater for tourists or visitors to Rwenzori Mountains National Park. These are in areas of Ruboni, Nyakalengija, Kilembe all found inside the National Park area. There are also several hotels and lodges in Kasese Town, the nearest major business centre to the park. In case you plan to trek the Rwenzori Mountains from the central circuit. There are a number of hotels and lodges for your accommodation needs and they include:-

  • Ruboni Community Camp
  • Sandton Hotel Kasese
  • Ruwenzori Travellers Inn
  • Hotel Margherita
  • Rwenzori View Guest House
  • Rwenzori National Park
  • White House Hotel in Kasese
  • Springs International Hotel Kasese
  • Rwenzori Mountains Safari Lodge
  • Marafiki Safari Lodge
  • Virina Gardens