Beginners Guide To Climb Rwenzori Mountains

The Rwenzori Mountain National Park is one among the most beautiful and unique trekking destinations in Africa, taking you up through the 6 different vegetation zones (savannah zone(680m-1800m), Afromontane Forest zone(1800m-2600m), Bamboo Forest Zone(2600-2900m), heather/Rapenea Zone(2900-4000m), Afro-alpine moorland zones (4000-4500m) and rocky/glacier zone (4500-5109)), the snow peaks of Baker, Speke & Stanley, the spectacular lakes, and the most popular Margherita peak.

Beginners Guide to Hike Rwenzori Mountains National Park
Beginners Guide to Hike Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Imagine the zeal and that intimate moment you are going to embrace after trekking the Rwenzori mountains as a beginner and being able to reach the foot of the tallest mountain on earth, enclosed by the beauty and majesty of the Rwenzori mountain peaks.

The Rwenzori Mountains National Park stretches to approximately 100,000 ha in the Southwestern Uganda and has the major part of the Rwenzori mountain ranges, which consists of  Africa’s third highest peak (Margherita  at 5,109 m). The surrounding glaciers, waterfalls and lakes defines it as one of Africa’s most spectacular alpine areas. The park has a number of natural homes of threatened species and lush and unusual vegetation having, among other species, the giant heather.

Vegetation Of The Rwenzori Mountains National Park

The Rwenzori mountains National Park Trek provides an extra level of experience and an authentic new mountain hiking technique each day. Right from the very first day, you set foot into the park,  the real adventure begins. The trek through the central circuit from Naklengija to Guyeoman, through John matte hut,  Bujuku hut, Elena hut & Kitandara hut.  You can feel how heartwarming & evocative this trek is and is a memorable experience one should get.

Trekking the Rwenzori mountains  in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park for Beginners, may seem to be quite challenging, but no doubt. The trek is full of wonders as every footstep is taking you beyond what you expect into the jungle, taking you through various spectacular scenery in Africa. Meet the Bakonjo people on the way, you will be stunned by their hospitality, humbleness, and sign of gratitude they show towards every climber. So, why wait for long? Plan your 7 days trip and make the thrilling hike to Margherita of Mount Stanley in the Rwenzori Mountains national Park, with Rwenzori Mountaineering Service.

Trekking the Rwenzori mountains through the central circuit is an adventure you will never forget,  but  you require courage, dedication, and strength to reach there. The trek is best suited for all levels of hikers/climbers. You don’t need skills, but physical strength to  make it up to the peak.


7 Tips for Hiking the Rwenzori Mountains in the Rwenzori National Park

Now, you may have decided to do the Rwenzori trek and definitely you desire to  feel how it is like to be on the mountains witnessing it. Below is  What you may be asking? Trek to Rwenzori Mountains national Park for the beginners is not an easy task to do. You must follow all the Rwenzori mountains trekking tips and advice that will help you succeed and reach the your final destination.  Below are a few trek tips and tricks that might be helpful for beginners in reaching their goal.

Pace yourself- Beginners Guide To Hike Rwenzori

Beginners guide
Walk at your own Pace For proper Acclimatization

Going slow & listening to your body is the most essential tip to for all beginners. Don’t over stress your body, neither should you push yourself hard on your first trek. Most beginners push themselves so hard with an aim of reaching the peak  early, so as to reduce the number of days hiking. This is highly discouraged on the during your first attempt. A 7 or 8 days Rwenzori trek is a long trek and requires an average level of fitness if you are trekking as a beginner. Do not panic and give yourself ample rest each day so your body can gain its normal strength heading to a new destination. Hence its better to go slow taking a rest than to get injured and stuck at some point.

Find a reliable trekking company to book Your trip

As you plan your Rwenzori trekking trip in the Rwenzori mountains National Park, It is important to book with a reliable tour Operater company, because your trekking experience depends on the  company who will tailor make your Rwenzori trekking trip. Only Rwenzori Mountaineering service  can provide you with good trekking service in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park. Rwenzori Mountaineering service will provide a proper connection and a team to help you out in-case of any immediate emergency during the trek, they will give you with useful tips and advices that will help you accomplish your dream to the Margherita Peak of the Rwenzori Mountains national Park.

Pack the right trekking gear–Beginners Guide to Hike Rwenzori

Gear-Rwenzori Beginners Guide
Pack & Wear The Right Gear for Climbing Rwenzori Mountains

What to carry, what to wear, trekking & camping gear is among the major highlights of every trek, either to a beginner or an experienced hiker. You are urged to pack the right gear and ensure it will be helpful from the start to the end of your trek. Endeavour to always get reliable gear, not only new but the long lasting one. Inspect your trekking gear before packing, to ensure it wont disappoint you during your awesome trek.

Get appropriate Acclimatization

Nyabitaba hut
Get Appropriate Acclimatization

Proper acclimatization is highly recommended if you are doing long and high-altitude trek in the Rwenzori  Mountains especially from Bujuku hut to Elene hut to Kitandara hut. Each day will take you on high-low terrain for proper acclimatization which is  very much ideal for the maintainace of your body’s oxygen level. Inadquate acclimatization may cause some serious sicknesses in the mountain.

Therefore, have appropriate proper rest and acclimatize yourself before gaining high altitude the following day.

Medication & first Aid Kit

Beginners GuideAll beginners, and even experienced hikers are expected to carry along enough medication so as to help you out in-case of any injury or any kind of sickness.  No medication is issued during trekking, neither should you expect a medical facility  in the park. The only way to avoid missing out on your amazing Rwenzori trek when you get ill, is by carrying enough medication in your backpack as well as a first aid Kit.

However, it is always advisable you consult with your  doctors for useful kit advice so as you carry with you the right medication for beginners.

Pack Light

This is ideal to all beginners &  Experienced climbers of Rwenzori Mountains National Park. We advice not to carry much on your back, so that you can comfortable trek along all the trails. Do not carry a heavy back pack with unnecessary loads s as to lighten up your back park, a comfortable trek in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park.  Always pen down a list of what to carry do and