Climbing Tips For Hiking The Rwenzori Mountain.

Climbing Tips for hiking/trekking The Rwenzori Mountains: Skill level, Physical strength, Age, Hydrate frequently,

Are you thinking of hiking the Rwenzori mountains in Rwenzori Mountains National Park for the first time?  Are you a beginner or an experienced mountaineer to hike the Rwenzori mountains?  Hiking/trekking through the Rwenzori mountains National trails/routes to stand at Africa’s 3rd highest peak-Margherita of the Rwenzori mountains is breathtaking. There’s yet more to discover about this majestic peak standing at 5109m54m with Mount Rwenzori towering above is surreal.

We all believe that anyone can enjoy hiking Rwenzori Mountains, but there are still, some essential tips to make the trek more smoothly and enjoyably. In this article, we list down the best tips, tricks, and travel hacks for trekking Rwenzori mountains in Rwenzori Mountains National Park. Here are our essential tips to keep in mind for successfully climbing and summiting the Rwenzori Rwenzori Mountains.

Skill level, Physical Strength and Age

If you are a beginner, there’s no need to worry, although it will be much more comfortable if you are physically strong to summit the Rwenzori Mountains. You don’t have to be trained by a tour guide to climb the Rwenzori mountains, except for the age restrictions, where one must be at least 12 years.

Walk slowly & Hydrate Frequently

Walk slowly- elimbing tips for RwenzoriIt is always important walk at your pace, while taking plenty of water when climbing the Rwenzori Mountains so as to acclimatize & Keep hydrated; as the slogan says “The slower you go, the more oxygen your body gets, for better acclimatization”.

Have The right gear

Having the right gear is essential for your trek in the Rwenzori Mountains national Park, when climbing. There are a number of important equipment that we feel, you must pack handy for hiking, which includes the head lamps, waterproof hiking boots, walking poles, a good down jacket , sleeping bags etc to keep you warm for the multiple days you will spend in the Park

Tipping is optional

Tipping is an appreciation given to the guides, porters and the chefs at the end of the trekking trip. It is not a guarantee, but a common practice, which directly supports their families and communities.

Book Through a reliable Rwenzori tour operator

You can’t successfully climb the Rwenzori on your first try, it is worth booking a Rwenzori mountains hike through a tour operator to help guide you along the way.

Hiking to an altitude of about 5,000 meters is not just an easy trek but can be accomplished by most hikers with the help of a guide who is experienced, and  knows more info about the terrain, the surrounding environment, weather, safety checks among others.

However, when you book with a trust worthy tour operator, you can dwell on their guidance every step of the way until the end of your hike; they will provide you all the support you need to make it to the peak.

Reliable tour operators, can also recommend a safari after your Rwenzori trek, to stretch out your muscles including Gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking and wildlife safari.