Getting To Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Getting to Rwenzori Mountains national ParkGetting To Rwenzori Mountains National Park: The Best way to get to Rwenzori mountains National Park is by Road & Air transport From Kampala/Entebbe.

How to get to Rwenzori Mountains National Park? Rwenzori Mountains National Park can be reached by road transport , 0r by air. However the most fast & convenient  option typically involves a direct charter flight from Kampala/ Entebbe to Kasase airstrip in 90 to 120 minutes, that means, you wont have to spend  many hours driving to the Park, like it is for road transport.

By road: Drive From Kampala to Kasese

The Rwenzori Mountains National Park is about a 4-6hour drive from Kampala depending on the route. The road is fairly tarmacked and in pretty good condition. Fuel is never a problem in Uganda, and easy-to-follow maps are available with all car rentals.

Getting To Rwenzori Mountains By Road

Rwenzori Mountains National Park can be reached by two routes from Kampala to Kasese. The shortest route starts from  Kampala to Fortportal via Mubende  for a distance of 300km by a 4×4, while the longest route begins from Kampala, via Masaka through Mbarara, Busheny to Kasese for 350km distance drive.

The second route to Kasese offers amazing stop over at the Equator to experience the difference in both the Northern and  southern  hemisphere

By Air: Getting To Rwenzori Mountains National Park

A scheduled chartered flight can be arranged from Entebbe International Airport to Kasese Airstrip, which is then followed by a 40 minutes drive to the Rwenzori mountains National Park.

Fly to Kasesw-Rwenzori Mountains National Park
Getting to Rwenzori mountains National Park By Air

Chartered flights to Kasese airstrip are organized in two schedules with the first one departing at 7:00 am, while the second one departs at 12:00 noon.

Note That: The Rwenzori Mountains National Park can also be accessed  from the democratic republic of Congo. By road, it take 4×4 drive from Kigali Rwanda to Gisenyi , thereafter continues to Beni, where it takes a bout 13 kms drive to Mutwanga, the base at which all Rwenzori mountain treks begin.


As Of May 14, 2024 – Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) announced a temporary suspension of hiking activities to Margherita Peak in Rwenzori Mountains National Park. This decision came as a precautionary measure after a comprehensive assessment conducted by the team in response to reports of a crevasse formation in the Margherita glacier.
To make hiking safer, options of installing a permanent ladder at a strategic position on the right side of the Margherita glacier is still, being explored. This alternative route will provide a safer passage for hikers to Margherita Peak

In the interim, we encourage visitors to explore other picturesque peaks within Rwenzori Mountains National Park. Notable alternatives include Mount Speke, Mount Baker, and Cheptegei Peak on the Stanley Range. These routes offer breathtaking views and unique experiences amidst the stunning landscape of the park.
Uganda wildlife Authority prioritizes the safety and well-being of  all clients, and are committed to ensuring that all clients safely enjoy their visit to Rwenzori Mountains National Park, as they continue monitoring the situation closely and provide updates on the status of hiking activities to Margherita Peak as developments unfold.