Rwenzori Mountains Routes

Central Circuit route, Kilembe route & Bukurungu wilderness camping trail are the 3 routes for climbing Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

When planning to summit to magherita Peak in the Rwenzori Mountains , there are various trails that are open for commercial hiking tours in the Mountains . Rwenzori Mountains National Park is managed by Uganda Wildlife authority which is statutory body that has the responsibility of charging park entrance fees to access the park . Even if its nature walk within the mountains, ask the tour operator if the quotation includes the Park entrance!

Central circuit route, Kilembe route & Bukurungu wilderness camping trail are the best routes of climbing Rwenzori mountains from Uganda, and one route via DR Congo that passes through the Virunga National Park which also  hosts the Mountain gorillas and is among the top destinations for gorilla trekking in Congo.

The Famous Ugandan Routes are Rwenzori Central Circuit trail that is managed by Locals from the surroundings of the Rwenzoris and the Kilembe Trails that is managed by Rwenzori trekking services that is owned by a non Ugandan Muzungu and offers luxury Mountaineering tours to the Wilderness of Rwenzoris staying in good Camps.

Rwenzori Mountains is reputed to be the 3rd highest peak in Africa, and reaching its Magheritah peak is a holy grail of all hikers. Each year, mountaineers visit the stunning Rwenzori Mountains

Rwenzori Mountains national Park trails/routesEvery year, people from all over the world flock to Rwenzori Mountains national Park to visit the stunning Rwenzori Mountains. Rwenzori Mountains National Park guide to Margherita Peak suggests that the best time to travel to see the Rwenzori Mountains is during the driest months from June to August and from September to November. Otherwise from March to May and September to November are cold months.

Rwenzori Mountains Trekking Trails/Routes- Which is the best route?

Rwenzori Routes/Trails: Rwenzori mountains national Park has the Central circuit trail, Kilembe trail, & Bukurungu wilderness camping trail

The Central Circuit: Rwenzori routes/trails

The central circuit trail is the oldest and the most ancient trail that’s popularly used by both experienced and unexperienced hikers to climb to the top of Magherita peak. This magnificent trail which passes through the 5 vegetation zones of the Rwenzori Mountains national Park offers spectacular encounters, following the 1000m tropical valleys, gorges, as it transcends the rocky top of Mount Stanley

The Central circuit trail is the shortest and easiest access route to Margherita peak unlike the boggy path after John Maate camp, and crosses over the lower and upper bigo bog

The Kilembe Trail.

The Kilembe trail-, which also known as the southern circuit is owned and managed by the Rwenzori trekking Services(RTS).  This trail was recently opened for tourism, after the construction of new huts withing the National park, although it was first discovered by Professor Scott Elliott in 1895.

Being the longest route, that allows enough acclimatization time, the Kilembe trail offers the best climbing experience of the breathtaking peaks, spectacular lakes and the breathtaking glaciers, as well as the flora and Fauna.

This trail receives incredible reviews for its professionalism, quality equipment and safety measures, and the new comfortable huts throughout the route. It’s trek to Margherita peak takes on 7- 8 days which is equivalent to the Bukurungu wilderness camping trail.

The Bukurungu trail:  Rwenzori Routes/Trails

The Bukurungu trail was made after the major trails of the Central circuit and Kilembe.  The  trail is ideal for those who love  the wild nature,  because it offers stunning sceneries with 4 magnificent lakes (Mughuli, Bukurungu, Bujuku and Irene) along the trail, as you traverse past the mountain rivers, waterfalls and the green nature. This trail, like Kilembe also takes an 8 days trek to finish with a must reach to Magheritah Peak.

Unlike the Kilembe and Central circuit trails, The bukurungu trail is an open trail used for camping with no huts but rather safe and secure camping areas well organized and managed by the bujuku Eco tours under Rwenzori mountains national park.

Rwenzori Mountains National Park premiers Rwenzori  Mountain Trekking Safaris with combined experience on climbing Mount Rwenzori.  climbing the rangesb is an amazing lifetime adventure especially when a tourist wants to reach the marvelous Margherita peak in his trekking excursion. To have an enjoyable and successful climbing of the Ruwenzori, the park offers several opportunities for nature trails within the Park.

The Rwenzori Mountains is nearly 120 km by length and 65km wide. It is made of 6 peaks  divided by deep gorges such as: Mount Stanley at 5,109m , Mount Speke (4,890m), Mount Baker 4,843m, Mount Emin 4,798 m, Mount Gessi 4,715m and Mount Luigi di Savoia 4,627m. Mount Stanley has other minor peaks, with Margherita being the highest point.

The Rwenzori Mountains are an outstanding trekking & mountaineering destination. A 7- 12 days hike will get both experienced and non-experienced hikers a complete trek to the peak  and out of the Park.

Yet for short and less strenuous treks, one can take on the nature walks through the Bakonzo Village, homestead visits, cultural performances and other traditional activities, otherwise, there are also 2 to 3 days 28km Mahoma Nature trail


As Of May 14, 2024 – Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) announced a temporary suspension of hiking activities to Margherita Peak in Rwenzori Mountains National Park. This decision came as a precautionary measure after a comprehensive assessment conducted by the team in response to reports of a crevasse formation in the Margherita glacier.
To make hiking safer, options of installing a permanent ladder at a strategic position on the right side of the Margherita glacier is still, being explored. This alternative route will provide a safer passage for hikers to Margherita Peak

In the interim, we encourage visitors to explore other picturesque peaks within Rwenzori Mountains National Park. Notable alternatives include Mount Speke, Mount Baker, and Cheptegei Peak on the Stanley Range. These routes offer breathtaking views and unique experiences amidst the stunning landscape of the park.
Uganda wildlife Authority prioritizes the safety and well-being of  all clients, and are committed to ensuring that all clients safely enjoy their visit to Rwenzori Mountains National Park, as they continue monitoring the situation closely and provide updates on the status of hiking activities to Margherita Peak as developments unfold.