Best Rwenzori Tour Company Operators

The Pearl of Africa ( Uganda)  is a country of enchanting natural beauty with mesmerizing views of  Rwenzori Mountains which can be visited by selecting a Uganda Safari tour with reliable tour operator . Rwenzori Mountains is the third highest mountain within the East African countries after Mount Kilimanjaro , Mount Kenya and booking a combined Safari tour to visit the entire mountains will never leave you the same!.

Rwenzori Mountains National parks recommended that you book with a tour company that is licensed by UTB and is a member of Association of Uganda tour operators to avoid risking being cheated on the Safari to Uganda which may come with extra addons like Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable national park , Wildlife Watching in Queen Elizabeth National Park and Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest National Park.

There are three routes to summit to Magherita Peak in Rwenzori Mountains, and all these routes are managed by different companies as expounded on more in the various articles .

There are two certified Rwenzori Mountains Booking agents that have the ability to book your Rwenzori Mountaineering tour customized to your desired dates and route.


  • Recommended never think of hiking Rwenzori mountains on your own since its not Allowed as per the rules and regulations of Uganda Wildlife Authority.
  • Always hire a porter for your safety and trust the knowledgeable expert of these two agencies to help you tailor and plan your safari in Rwenzori Mountains.

Recommended Rwenzori Trekking Tour Operators

Book your Rwenzori Trekking Tour with the recommended agencies? Among the reasons why visit Uganda include the selection of Rwenzori Mountains with addition to gorilla trekking  while on 12 Days Rwenzori & Gorillas.

Rwenzori Mountaineering Service

Rwenzori Mountaineering Services trades as Active African Vacations Limited , specialize in Rwenzori Mountaineering tours as the name suggest ,  it was incorporated in 2010 and has been offering Safaris for the last 12 years leading the adventures to Rwenzori Mountains via its official website Rwenzori Mountaineering Service that runs Central circuit and Kilembe Trail. Book your Rwenzori Trekking tours !

Tel : +256 774 819223

Rwenzori Expeditions:

Rwenzori Expeditions trades as Primate Safari Experiences limited , licensed by UTB and member of Association of Uganda Tour Operators, specializes in Rwenzori and Gorilla ,Chimpanzee tracking. The company has 9 years experiences in tailoring Uganda Safaris , Rwanda Safaris & DR Congo Adventures staying in Luxury Lodges.

Tel /Whats app:+256 39 2 159498

Note : All the above Agencies offer Airport transfers from Kasese, Kampala , Kigali to Rwenzori Mountains National Park.