You need to get the best Rwenzori Trekking Services in case you are planning to climb Rwenzori Mountains National Park to the top or any level. We have trekking services that offer various hiking adventure packages ranging from one to eight days or more. An excursion you take for any number of days is an amazing mystical challenge of a lifetime. Hiking to the lower, middle or peak of Rwenzori mountain ranges needs some physical energy, fitness and south health.

The youths, middle aged and old ones have successfully attempted the magnificent mountain with less hardship. Our mountaineering services will offer you a feel of nature and ambiance in the incredible Mountains of the Moon.

We offer a variability of hiking tours suit your preferred ways of adventure and timetable. This range is a real mountain range with countless ascents and descents, making it a strong hike though the geographic decor and stunning vegetation are unbelievable.

The much rainfall content received annually, the implausible rocks covered with moss, the thick vegetation, tall mountaintops and bluffs soaring overhead to moss-covered valleys plus meandering watercourses, gives Rwenzori Mountains a truly an unbelievable  out of the world experience.