Best time to Visit/Climb Rwenzori Mountains National Park

When is the best time to Visit, Climb, Hike and trek Rwenzori Mountains national Park? A guide to the best time to Visit, Climb, Hike and Trek Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

When to visit Rwenzori Mountains National ParkJune- August & December-February

From June to August and from December to February is the perfect time to visit/climb/hike/trek Rwenzori Mountains National Park, otherwise, it can be visited throughout the year. For mountaineers the climbing window from June to August is the best times to attempt an ascent to Margherita Peak of Mountain Rwenzori.

From mid-June to August, the dry months may sound like the ideal time to visit the Rwenzori Mountains. The small window of opportunity opens up for mountaineers, eager to glimpse Mountain Rwenzori at it’s best, yet it is a season during which the mountains can receive less amounts of rainfall.

During the dry months, the Rwenzori Mountains national Park is, more visited than the colder months from March to May and from September to November, shrouded in mist. However, it is very cool in this season in Rwenzori mountains national Park, where climbers/trekkers can enjoy fine weather in the region.

From December to February, after the cold months from September to November, the weather tends to be relatively stable with mild to warm days and cold nights. The small window of hiking/climbing Rwenzori Mountains National Park opens up opportunities to mountaineers eager to glimpse the Rwenzori Mountains at its best.

These dry months of December, January and February are also the peak time for climbers, with many more climbers seeking to reach the Margherita.

March-May & September-November- When to Visit Rwenzori

On the other hand, the cold months from March to May and from September to November are usually low seasons because of the heavy rains, muddy trails and slippery rocks in the Rwenzori Mountains. During these months, Rwenzori Mountains National Park is very empty, and serene, which makes it suitable for solo mountaineers, who would want to climb the Rwenzori mountains by individually, at their own time schedule and convenience.

In a nut shell, a visit to the Rwenzori Mountains national Park doesn’t require a permit but prior booking through trusted and reliable tour operators in Uganda. At this time we can customize your safari, according to the number of days, additional activities, as part of a package tour that includes hiring a vehicle, a driver and a guide.

Lastly, the rains are unpredictable and may fall early or extend beyond their typical months. It is possible to experience dry weather conditions during the rainy season, just as it is possible to experience rain during the dry season.