14 Days Whitewater Rafting, Rwenzori Mountains Trekking and Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi

This two weeks’ Whitewater Rafting and Trekking Adventures entail visiting Jinja for a rafting tour on River Nile and Rwenzori Mountains Trekking up to Margherita Peak. The trip would be concluded with a gorilla safari adventure in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Full Itinerary 

Day 1: Arrival, overnight in Kampala
Upon arrival at Entebbe airport, you will be received by   driver/guide OR Our company representative and he will drive you to a hotel in Kampala from where tour to spend your night. Dinner and overnight stay at Kampala Sheraton.

Day 2: Transfer to Jinja for Full day Rafting

Get up early and assemble at Sheraton hotel where we leave for Jinja. Full day rafting and return to Kampala by evening, overnight at the hotel. Dinner and overnight stay at Kampala Sheraton.

Day 3:  Transfer to Kasese southwestern Uganda.

The company drive will meet at Sheraton after your breakfast and start the journey to Rwenzori mountains National park. You will take Mubende, Fort portal road and you will stop in fort portal town for lunch enroute. Continue with the journey till you reach kasese from where you’re to spend a night. Dinner and overnight stay Margherita hotel.

Day 4: Nyakalengija (1615m) – Nyabitaba Hut (2651m)

The Central Circuit starts at the  at Nyakalengija the headquarters of Rwenzori Mountain National park. Reach at Nyakalengija in the morning have enough time to get equipment and meet your guides and porters. The trail starts by going through Bakojo homesteads in the park borderline from where the trail leads to the  Mubuku  River , crossing its Mahoma river before a begging a distant steep hike up onto a huge edge to reach Nyabitaba hut. The hike takes around 6 -7 hours. During this part of the trip you may hear chimpanzee and see black and white colobus, blue monkey and the brilliantly coloured Rwenzori turaco. Dinner and overnight stay at Nyabitaba Hut.

Day 5: Nyabitaba (2651m) to John Matte Hut (3380m)

From Nyabitaba  continue with  the trail that slopes down through the forest to the  Kurt  Shafer  Bridge , just below the convergence of the Mubuku and Bujuku rivers. Going through the bamboo forest, cross through a long and strenuous expanse of slippery moss-topped rock. From the Nyamileju rock shelter, Mount Stanley and Mount Speke can be seen before passing into the zone of the giant heather, lobelia and groundsel. Finally reach John Matte Hut after passing through the tiring swamp. Dinner and Overnight at John Matte Hut. 

Day 6: John Matte (3380m) to Bujuku (3962m)

From John Matte Hut the trail drops down to cross the Bujuku River and enters Lower Bigo Bog, the home of giant lobelias the swamp is finally crossed but rarely without the feet selection some of the cold secretion below. The Upper Bigo bog gives way to Bujuku Lake, with views of Mt Baker to the South and Mt Stanley to the West. Bujuku Hut, well situated in the shadow of Mount Baker and Mount Speke, is set in a thin valley under Stuhlmann Pass.

Dinner and overnight at Bujuku hut.

Day 7: Bujuku (3977m) to Elena Hut (4541m).

Upon reaching Bujuku, the trail takes you through more swamp, while ascending the steep slopes west of the lake and through the mystic Groundsel Gorge as it climbs to  Scott-Elliot  Pass at 4372m. At the head of the gorge a metallic ladder takes you over a steep section after which the trail is divided into two. The trail on your right leads up to Elena Hut and Mount Stanley on a steep trail over large rocks, while the left trail leads to Scott-Elliot Pass and down to  Lake Kitandara taking those not ascending to Margherita  Peak to Kitandara Hut. Dinner and Overnight at Elena Hut.

Day 8: Elena Hut (4541m) to Margherita peak– Kitandara hut (4027m)

For those targeting at getting to Margherita Peak (5109m), continue to the foothills of the Stanley Glacier. To reach the summit of Margherita, the ascent takes about 5-7 hours depending on the weather disorders and the speed of ascending this mountain. This rough walk takes you over three glaciers, slippery rock, ice and very unprotected areas which are open on many sides. Note that this climb is for only physically fit and technical climbers. Ascending on to the glaciers, cross the Stanley Plateau and proceed with the ascent. Acclimatized to fog, altitude sickness and coolly weather, scramble up to the summit of Margherita the highest peak of the Rwenzori. Given the high altitude and the tough conditions even if you do not reach the peak, don’t get dissatisfied. Get ready for you return through the Scott-Elliot pass, where there are remarkable views back to  Bujuku  Lake and  Mount  Speke , up to  Mount  Stanley and down to the  Kitandara  Lakes . After the trail that passes you through an alpine zone of sparse vegetation and rough boulders, descend past the Kitandara Lakes. Dinner and overnight at the Kitandara. 

Day 9: Kitandara (4027m)  to Guy Yeoman (3450m)

From Kitandara, take on the trail that climbs steeply up the headwall, scattering out from the base of Mount Baker and ongoing along the south side of the mountain to Fresh field Pass. At this point you can see into the Congo to the west and Mount Stanley to the north. From the pass, take on the long trail passing the rock shelter at Bujongolo, the base camp for the historic excursion by the Duke of Abruzzi in 1906. Dinner and Overnight at Guy yeoman.

Day 10: Guy Yeoman (3450m) to Nyabitaba (2651m)

The succession to Nyabitaba takes around 6 to7 hours but with an early start it is possible to make it all the way down to Nyakalengija. Below Guy Yeoman, the route slopes the bluffs of Kichuchu. Outside Kichuchu the unclear path crosses the Mubuku River twice before ascending upwards to Nyabitaba to finish the circuit. Dinner and overnight stay Nyabitaba hut.

Day 11: Nyabitaba (2651m) to Nyakalengija (1615m)

The succession from Nyabitaba to Nyakalengija takes 3 to 4 hours, later you will check out and transfer to queen Elizabeth national park for evening boat cruise. Dinner and overnight at Enganzi lodge.

Day 12: Game drive and transfer to Bwindi Forest

Breakfast at the lodge and drive through Queen Elizabeth National Park, expect an meet with animals like Elephants, Buffaloes, Lions, Antelopes and Tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector.  Arrive in Bwindi by evening. Dinner and overnight at Buhoma community Bandas.

Day 13: Gorilla Trekking

after your breakfast, enjoy your day for a life-time event. In the morning, drive to the park headquarters for briefing from the park rangers, before heading for the adventurous activity.  Trails will take you through thick forest with steep and slippery floor, so get ready to get dirty. The tracking may take 2 to 8 hours depending on the movement of the Gorillas in their natural environment. One hour will be allowed with the animals as you take photos and ask questions you may want to know. After trekking get back to your lodge for late lunch and overnight stay. Dinner and overnight stay at Buhoma community Bandas.

Day 14: Departure

Breakfast at the lodge and transfer back to Kampala with enroute lunch in Mbarara town, also stop at the equator for photographs, proceed direct to Entebbe airport for your scheduled departure flight.

Whitewater Rafting and Trekking Adventures